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Brawling is the art of using the stun and shield mechanics to knock out opponents and protect yourself from being knocked out.

Stunning[edit | edit source]

Stunning is where you hit someone in the head with your fist. It's really fun. Use your trigger button and hit someone in the head. It's really very fun.

Some examples where stunning is very helpful:

  • You are going for the disc and the opponent is close - stun them first then grab the disc
  • You are on defense and want to knock out a player from getting a pass
  • You are on offense and want to knock out a defender so you can be open for a pass
  • Breaking up the opponent's stack - stunning one player stops regrabbing and can give you a 3 v 2

Shielding[edit | edit source]

Shielding is where you activate your shield to stop someone from stunning you. It's a lot of fun.

To shield, activate both trigger buttons (left and right) and bring your controllers close to your head (under the chin is the fastest and easiest).

Shielding is very effective but is generally harder for most people to master.

Some examples where shielding is very helpful:

  • You are going for the disc and the opponent is close - wait for them to try to stun and then you shield
  • You are on offense and a defensive player is trying to stun you
  • You are regrabbing near opponents, or you think you might have a leach
  • You are cutting through the defense in the bubble

Audio Cues[edit | edit source]

Game sounds are especially important and useful when brawling is possible. You can often protect yourself if you react quickly enough to an audio cue.


  • If you hear the 'tap' of someone grabbing you, and you don't hear someone say 'friendly' (or something similar), assume it is an opponent and put up your shield. This will result in a lot of stuns.
  • If you hear a buzzing sound moving around you it could be an opponent trying to stun you. Put up your shield!
  • If you hear a booster or thrusters it could be an opponent - put up your shield!