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Echo Arena[edit | edit source]


Synonyms: Boost/Boosting, Chain/Chaining, Regrabbing, Chain Boosting
Stacking is a form of movement to go much faster than you usually can. It is done by getting two or more players and having them pull off of each other to gain momentum from each other.


Synonyms: Boxing, Fighting, Stunning A skill set within the overall game that has to do with stunning, blocking, and dodging opponents.


Any of the static, floating, geometric shapes floating throughout the arena, such as the nest or bow-tie.

PE Joust

A method of boosting from the tunnels by starting further back than the ring, then starting to regrab before the tunnel doors open, allowing you to generate more speed than using the launch ring.

Stun Boosting

Stunning an opponent by punching them in the opposite direction you want to go. If both are still then you will gain 1.1 speed in that direction. A  higher level of stun boosting is boosting off of an opponent's head and tapping the trigger as you let go to gain an additional 1.1 to 1.9 m/s on top of your 4 m/s boost.

Throwing/shooting[edit | edit source]

Boop Shot

The Boop shot is a trick shot named after the player Boop90, a top echo vr player. This trick shot done by first starting in one of the tunnels then throwing the disk so it bounces over cloud and into the goal, used to get around floating players or players on nugget.

Cloud Shot
Synonyms: WHAT! Shot
A shot taken from the floor at mid that bounces off of the cloud block and into the goal.

Kungg Shot

The Kungg shot is a trick shot named after the player kungg, a player on team jokr, later named Ignite, the multi-championship winning team. This trick shot done by starting in between ghost or pac on your side of the arena and throwing to the wall on the opposite side, used as a way of scoring when everyone is on your side.

Whirly Twirly

The act of using pitch and/or roll in conjunction with a shot in order to obfuscate the angle of release, making it more difficult for a goalie or defenseman to track.

Joker Train
Two people in a stack with the person in back holding the disk. This allows the disk holder have increased mobility as if you were on a block but with the advantage of being able to move forwards.

nest bounce

originally found by ryann- from ignite the nest bounce is a simple shot bounced of the bottom of nest to then go right in

Any shot that goes in between the top of shield and the bottom of nest.

Grandpa Shot

A shot that is made where the player is facing away from the goal and shots it from in between their legs. This shot originated from rx.kuraun in a casted match.

Old/Patched-out[edit | edit source]


A technique used where grabbing onto your back accessory, reduces your player speed to 0.0 m/s. This was able to be performed in the days prior to the first Echo Pass release. This was patched out after it became prevalent in public matches.

Disk-popping / Headbutting
A technique where holding the disk in front of your face, letting go, pushing your head into the disk, then quickly grabbing it again would generate some extra speed above the 4.7 m/s cap. Doing this repeatedly allowed for faster movement or quick direction changes while holding the disk. This was patched out of Echo Arena after it became prevalent in public matches. It still exists in Lone Echo.

11.5 Launch
The intended maximum single-player launch speed out of the tunnels is 10 m/s, but if the catapult was released and regrabbed immediately after it started moving, it would result in a 11.5 m/s launch. This was patched out.

A hole in the geometry of the old lobby discovered by the player Palidore. The exit hole was honored with a plaque.

PTS/Public Testing Server

On January 22nd, 2021, Ready At Dawn posted an application for players to test the first versions of the Echo Pass. This was going to be hosted on different servers of Echo VR for testers, separate from normal Echo VR. Hence the name, Public Testing Servers, or PTS for short. The Public Testing Servers went live on January 25th, and Ready At Dawn would continue to run the servers and continue to add applicants from time to time. The servers would close on February 18th, 2021, for the official release of season 1 of the Echo Pass. Prior to the launch of the Echo Pass, the Echo VR community soon saw the new tints were ineffective and the new Echo Chassis colors can be easily mistaken for another team color. Another PTS application would be opened on April 2nd, 2021, and the PTS servers would be re-opened for another test on April 8th, 2021. The PTS servers would continue to run until April 12th, 2021. Then on September 12, 2022, Ready At Dawn once again started a PTS, this was the Goalie Validation PTS and was to test a new way of goal validation process to keep better track of goalie saves and goal scoring, It was in effect until September 23, 2022.

Extra[edit | edit source]

Trennis A game played where the trench geometry/location would be used as a court, players would take turns back-and-fourth slapping the disc. The goal of the game is to slap the disc and have the disc fly out on the opponents side/go past the opponents.

Echo Combat[edit | edit source]